Main Menu
Game Screen

1. Top-right buttons
show Hero & Skills window
show Hondol map
show the menu
minimize the game
close the game

2. Bottom bar
hero`s health
hero`s soul
hero`s arrows amount
yellow, green and red crystals amount
hero`s gold
the selected (active) skill

3. Bottom-right corner
When you are not attacking, the text will show the current map name. When you are attacking, the text will show the map progress: the % of monsters kills form the current map.
hero window
To activate this window, click on the top-left hero button or press C during game.


On this window you can see your hero statistics.
Each time you will receive skill points, you will distribute them between Vigor and Anima by clicking the + buttons.

Your hero name will be shown in 3 different colors, depending on the difficulty you have selected: White color for Novice, Green color for Medium and Red color for Expert.

On this window, you can also see what rune you are wearing and what is it`s level.
Note: more information on game mechanics chapter


Here you can read information about your skills, your skill points and you can increase your skills` level.

To increase a skill`s level click on the + button near the desired skill.

To see information such us: soul energy needed to cast the skill, damage, cool down, range and duration hover the mouse other the skills name / icon. Skill key means what is the binding key of the skill.

To read the skill description click on the skills name / icon.
map window
To activate this window, click on the top-left map button or press M during game.

The green dot will indicate the location of where you are on the map.
After level 10, you will be able to teleport between the cities of Hondol, by clicking on the house symbol from the map. Each teleport will cost you 100 soul energy and 666 gold. Note that you cannot use this feature within hidden maps.

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