☩ I have a problem with your game. How can I report it?
You can choose one of the following methods to report an issue:
1. Add a comment on the itch game`s page: itch
2. Or drop me a message on my Facebook page: facebook
3. Or send an email to: vmtbits[monkey]vmtbits.com
☩ Can I change game resolution?
The game does not support changing resolution or full-screen feature, however, you can switch between 2 sizes of the game window: small and bigger.
☩ What is the relation between Free and Payed versions?
The Free version is actually a demo of the full game.
If you buy the full version, it is not necessary to have the Free version installed first.
☩ Why a top-down game?
When I started to develop this game, the first assets created where isometric, but I didn`t felt it like a true challenge. Making top-down assets is really a challenge as you don`t have any angle for extra details, so you need to create good details from that perspective. I admit than I am a programmer, not an artist, but I wanted this challenge. Also, there are not too many top-down games around so I said: why not? Let`s try this.
☩ What payment methods do you support?
My website uses Braintreepayments gateway, so I support all methods offered by them: https://www.braintreepayments.com/ro/features/credit-cards#credit-card-availability
☩ Why there are two different prices?
If you buy the game from other hubs, the prices are increased based on the charges I have from each hub.
☩ On what platform the game can be played?
Currently, Pagan Hope supports Windows OS only.
☩ There is a discussion board or a news list?
I decided to use Tweeter for that. So you can see the news here: menu > info > what`s new.
Also you can directly follow me on @vmtbits

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