A great wizard summons a portal that connects the humans` realm with the unknown realm of Ja`han. A fierce demon, ruler over Ja`han that came through the portal, takes the sorcerer`s body and starts a quest to conquer the humans` souls.

Deadly Choice: The Doors

The game starts with you waking up in an unknown room with bizarre-looking walls. You soon notice that the room has a number on the floor `357` and 3 doors. Your goal is to accumulate as many points as possible, by walking through different types of rooms, without dying.


In the world of spirits, Zin are spirits that live in forests. Contrary to the idea that Zin are actually shadowed spirits, they need light to continue their existence.

DK Whine

This is the trolling version of the Dark Eden game, a version specially created for players that whine, compain and create drama.


This tool is a money track application with the sole purpose of being something fast and simple to use. It was born from the desire of using an expense tracking application with the basic functionalities and which is able to provide a fast way of adding the daily expenses.