Game Features

Pagan Hope is a PC/Windows hybrid rpg between roguelike and hack and slash gameplay types. It can be played straight-through as most of the maps are connected with constant paths, but there are also maps where the feeling of randomizing will be present.

The plot: A great wizard summons a portal that connects the humans` realm with the unknown realm of Ja`han. A fierce demon, ruler over Ja`han that came through the portal, takes the sorcerer`s body and starts a quest to conquer the humans` souls. A young sorcerer is sent to retrieve some magical tablets that can block the portal.

29 monsters

15 normal, 6 special and 8 bosses

7 skills

4 for attack, 1 blink/teleport and 2 buffs

1000+ maps
split in 10 regions, each with different difficulty and monsters

Kill to collect stat and skill points
fame/level-ing system

Enchant your bow for extra options
critical damage, health steal and soul steal will come in handy

Several helpers that make your gameplay easier

Gamble system
sometimes you win while sometimes you loose, but it`s a lot of fun

Plain walk and kill
you will not be bothered with quests and too complicated strategies. playing only 10 minutes, 1 hour or 8 hours it`s really up to you

Very easy to die

forgot to heal yourself, killed by traps, no more arrows and soul, getting too close on monsters

Free vs Full

FREE: `take a break` alert from 5 in 5 minutes, less achievements available, max level is 33, only Baka, Necrosis and Arale regions, cannot use Vigor Magis and Fireball skills, cannot pay to be resurrected in same map, and no publish to hall of fame feature

FULL: all achievements available, max level is 200, all regions and creatures, can use all skills and publish to hall of fame feature


Minimum Requirements

OS: Microsoft® Windows® XP and above
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.8GHz or higher
Memory: at least 1 GB RAM
Free disk space: 70MB
Fingers dexterity and good mood!


ITCH $6.57

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